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For the myth in GTA Vice City, see Bermuda Triangle (GTA Vice City).
For the myth in GTA SA, see Bermuda Triangle (GTA SA).

The Bermuda Triangle is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto V. It acts as a world boundary for the game's map.


In GTA V and GTA Online, flying too far away from San Andreas will cause a plane's engines to explode before crashing in the ocean. Other occurences can include the planes engines failing, or one of the plane's wings being sheared from the aircraft. In addition, if the player tries to use a parachute after abandoning their aircraft, it will immediately disappear and the player will continue to fall towards the ocean and die upon impact with the water. If the player manages to survive their aircraft crashing, or them hitting the water, they will more then likely be attacked by a shark not long afterwards. Players say that this proves the "Bermuda Triangle" myth seen in previous games.

The explanation would be simply that the "Bermuda Triangle" effect exists as an invisible barrier to prevent the player from going too far out to sea. Unlike previous GTA titles, the ocean floor in GTA V is not randomized and therefore the game prohibits the player from flying across infinite ocean.


Vehicle Name Damage VERIFIED
Boat Boat stops working, sinks, if not drowned, eaten by shark. YES
Plane Engines fail, engines explode, or wings get sheared off the aircraft, if not drowned, eaten by shark. YES
Car/Truck [if you manage to] Engine stops working, if not drowned, eaten by shark. YES
Helicopter Blades fall off and the helicopter gradually falls to the water, if not drowned, eaten by shark. YES
Submarine / Submersible Engine stops working, if not drowned, eaten by shark. YES
Online / Modded Vehicles Engine stops, Engines explode, Parts come off, etc. Anything that can be damaged about

Story-Mode vehicles, can be done to any of the type. This as least shows that the barrier's effects go beyond just scripted 'vehicle-death'