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Beam Me Up is an art installation that covers a hill east of Sandy Shores in Grand Theft Auto V.


Beam Me Up consists of a large painted mural on the side of a hill almost identical to its real-life counterpart. It is inhabited by a congregation of hippies and alien enthusiasts. There are various phrases in large letters painted on the hillside, such as "Save Us!" and "Beam Me Up," hence its name.

Its name is never explicitly stated in-game, but can be found on the checklist map on the Rockstar Games Social Club. It is inspired by Salvation Mountain in Calipatria, California.

Associated Locations[]

There are three structures close to Beam Me Up, which are likely associated with it. One of the structures is a pair of silos painted with the Alien Tract located outside of Stab City to the west. The second structure is a lone pillar located to the east behind You Tool, which is also painted with the aliens in sexual positions. The final structure is the Alien Enthusiasts' House filled with hippies and covered in alien abduction-related signs.

UFO Sighting[]

Upon 100% completion of the game, a UFO appears hovering over the graffiti park. The UFO does not "beam up" the player to the spacecraft, but the player can fly up to investigate it with a helicopter.

Alien Tract[]


The graffiti.

A strange Alien mural can also be seen at Beam Me Up. The mural is indecipherable, but Aliens can be seen acting like monkeys. Several other strange symbols can be at Beam Me Up. This mural is likely based off or is the actual monkey graffiti mentioned by Steven Henderson and Marvin Trill. The mural is supposedly the lone tract to save mankind from Alien threat or an apocalypse.



  • On the right side of the hill, there is the code 6EQUJ5. This code is known as the Wow! signal. The signal was detected by Ohio State University's Radio Observatory in 1977. It was a signal that was believed to have been broadcasted from a non-terrestrial origin. The signal was the subject of significant media attention, and there has been much speculation about whether or not the signal was from an extraterrestrial origin.
  • "Beam Me Up" may be a reference to the famous (non-existent) catchphrase from the TV series Star Trek, where Spock supposedly says "Beam me up, Scotty".

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