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Beacon Hill is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Beacon Hill is the name of a large hill located north of Flint Range and the Flint Intersection, near the RS Haul truck depot. The area is relatively developed, with dirt trails and a rail bridge connecting the area to civilization. The main attraction of Beacon Hill is the farmstead located at the peak. The farm contains a large field to the northeast and an old and dilapidated barn south of the trail. To the north is the main area of the farm, consisting of a home, a windmill, and an old wooden shack. This area is home to a Sadler, and a cane.


Beacon Hill is primarily considered a location that is related to the Epsilon Program. This is due to the Sadler, representing the cult's Red Truck, and the cane, an object important to the Program. Flint County is a major hub for Epsilon, being the location of The Farm and other vital locations, Beacon Hill being no exception. Some early NeoSeeker threads even claimed that the farm is the personal home of Cris Formage, the cult's founder.

Beacon Hill has been theorized as a spawning point for the Psycho, but this has never been confirmed.