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People can learn how to boat here. In other words, how to sit in a boat and let it float. Very difficult. I'm sure.

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Bayside Marina, is both a functional public service facility and a district of the town of Bayside in Tierra Robada San Andreas.


This is the location of the Boat School the player may access in order to increase your skill with piloting watercraft. The marina is located at the southeast end of Bayside, on San Fierro Bay. This location provides spectacular views of the city of San Fierro and of the famous Gant Bridge, which spans San Fierro Bay.

The marina also houses a helipad, located to the south of the slips, on which a Maverick will commonly spawn. Occasionally, a Sea Sparrow will spawn in its place.

Known Myths


  • The mission The Truth is Out There was set here, but it was cut before the release of the game.
  • An infamous and diabolical building is also located near the Bay, namely Church of Satan, numerous theories have been put forward regarding the nature of the institution.
  • The town of Bayside was added much later on in the game's development. Bayside does not exist in early beta maps of the game, like the UFO Map. Strangely, if the player has not unlocked the Las Venturas portion of the map, the player can still enter the town of Bayside, and he will not gain a 4-star wanted level.
  • The large Cordillera north of Bayside is unnamed in the game, suggesting that it was added later in the development of the game.
  • The Lighthouse Ruins can be found to the east of Bayside. Also, the Ghost Vortex spawns on the small beach north of the docks.