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For another location in GTA Vice City, see the Vercetti Estate Basement.

The Basement is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Besides the central Riverside Pavillion near Funeraria Romero, there's another Riverside Pavillion store in Little Haiti, adjacent to the Stygian Houses. This particular Riverside Pavillion consists of a basement, which features an underground passage itself. Players have theorized that this passage leads to the original Riverside Pavillion shop near Funeraria Romero. This theory is slightly supported by the fact that a manhole is situated right in front of the Riverside Pavillion, and the manhole might be connecting the passage to the central shop. The basement itself is flooded with even stranger textures and dips down for basically no reason what-so-ever. These peculiar traits and theories have earned this basement a pivotal spot among Vice City myths as it still puzzles the most experienced gamers.