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The Back O' Beyond House is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Back O' Beyond House is a small, one room, micro-home located on the banks leading to the Ghost Lake in Back O' Beyond. The cabin is relatively isolated with only a grassy trail leading off from the Flint Range dirt road connecting the area to civilization. The area is so isolated that it doesn't even appear on the player's mini-map. A peculiar fact is that the house uses a model typically associated with Bone County, making it a strange sight in the forests of Back O' Beyond.

The strange nature and isolation of the house have brought some attention from hunters, but it never acted as a major location for myth hunting. The location was largely ignored despite it's relative proximity to the Ghost Lake, a hotspot for multiple myth sightings. It wasn't until the origin of the Psycho myth that the cabin began to get attention. Psycho believers cite the fact that the house isn't connected with any other myth in the game as a reason why he could spawn there. Additionally, a Country Rifle spawns nearby in the woods of Back O' Beyond, which adds support to the theory of a killer.