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Avery Carrington's Pistol is a weapon in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, believed to be involved in a crime subject to myths.


Avery Carrington's Pistol is a Colt .45 Pistol found at the Avery Towers, kept in the rear area of the site. Despite the name of the myth, it is never confirmed if Avery owned the pistol but since it is found in his site, it is assumed by myth hunters that Avery, in fact, owns the weapon but abandoned it due to unknown reasons. The weapon is believed to be used for an unrevealed crime by Avery Carrington. There are many theories circulating about the story of the crime, one of them states that Avery Carrington murdered an unknown character somehow linked to the Panlantic Tunnels project that Avery is presumed to be involved in. Another bizarre tale speaks that the Shadow Man was murdered by the weapon and since then, his ghost roams the area but this is most likely to be a glitch. Despite these theories, the actual story involving the weapon is ever unknown. The lack of any rampage in the area gives slight weight to the theories, yet they remain unverified.


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