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Auntie Poulet is a Voodoo and Hoodoo practitioner in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Auntie Poulet is the originator of Voodoo culture in Little Haiti. She is a devotee of sacred Voodoo deities such as Bossou The Three Horned Bull, La Sirene, Erzulie and Damballa. She supposedly practices potent ritualistic equipment, such as bewitched skulls and prayer rugs. Auntie Poulet hexed Tommy Vercetti, by serving him Voodoo potions.

She is believed to communicate with deceased souls. During one of her missions, she further proves it by saying the following line:

Too many dead men be talkin' 'bout you, Tommy.

Players have theorized that Auntie Poulet got to know about Tommy from deceased Haitians, who were assassinated by Tommy. It's plausible as communicating with dead souls is a renown Voodoo ritual. Auntie Poulet's Grandfather is also a subject of the mentioned phenomenon. Moreover, a zombie was found in her shack and, according to the rituals, she may have complete control over it.

Players have claimed that her residence is possessed by Voodoo vibes and supposedly disappears, possibly hinting an apparition. This fact is demonstrated to be true, as it's a sort of a glitch, which removes all the content from Auntie Poulet's house, but it is still considered as a rare glitch.

Auntie Poulet's Voodoo abilities have also been praised in the Vice City Manual.

Players have rumored to have sighted Auntie Poulet at dark hours around her residence. Although, no evidence is yet found.



  • Auntie Poulet's mission icon is a voodoo doll, further cementing her connection to the myth.