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Area 53 is a website in Grand Theft Auto IV.


The website is the successor to the late radio show of the same name in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Marvin Trill runs the website from somewhere in the desert near a dry lakebed. 11:59:59 represents the websites' theme, more likely hinting towards the apocalypse. Marvin describes the cancellation of the show due to the threat to his robotic researches and developments and expresses his apocalyptic theories on the website. He also discusses a future migration to the Planet X.

My friends, fellow believers - Shutting down my radio show was not something I did lightly. I have received your letters of sadness and throughout the country. Thanks to many incarcerated listeners who have sent pictures and shivs. It was out of necessity to end this - in that it is inevitable what is about to happen and I must protect myself and my research from harm. Thanks to the guys at and for the rally they held in support of me. Throughout this Rocket Summer, I have prepared my ship - as I call my underground bunker - in preparation for what will be an apocalypse of catastrophic, planet wide proportions. Y2K is very real and those that do not prepare will perish. Nostradamus, Cicero, even Abraham Lincoln predicted this day, the day when computers would fuck mankind sideways. And I for one am not going to go down like a spaceship in the desert and left to rot. My robot creations and I have been digging for 5 years. The day has come. The million year picnic begins my friends...I will emerge 10 years from now to take us to that new place - with a new radio show and the wisdom  I've gained from living underground with my robot friends. Has the future already happened someplace else? Don't believe what they tell you. It begins here. As I close the hatch - remember what I have taught you. Krant, and good luck.

–Marvin Trill, 28th December, 1999 11:38 pm, Somewhere in the Desert.


The website's theme.