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The Apocalypse is a mythical event that is prophesied to occur in the state of San Andreas, it is mentioned in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas and Grand Theft Auto IV.


The origin of the myth dates back to 1986, when a conspiracy theorist, named Manuel, discusses about a potential threat to the world and his capability of hacking computer systems, enabling robotic machines to take over the world, a scenario much similar to the apocalypse in the movie series Terminator.

The original uproar began with obscure confessions coming from Area 53 host, Marvin Trill in 1992. Marvin Trill is adamant on the thought of a future apocalyptic war, however, he doesn't disclose much during his broadcasting run in the game but slightly emphasized on the importance of a tract, presumably the Epsilon Tract. According to Marvin, this tract has the propensity to extricate this threat.

Following the cancellation of the show, Marvin returned with a website in 1998, this time disclosing all the high profile information and plausible scenarios that could take place following the apocalyptic age. Marvin was of the view that world magnates are preparing to flee from the world with the help of a mothership and migrate to Planet X, terming it as a savior planet.

These confessions were supported by Steve Henderson from Easter Island Coverup, who included the plausibility of an Alien invasion from The Easter Island as well. Domestobots are also said to have assisted Marvin Trill in an underground bunker development, likely for the apocalypse. These Domestobots are also prophesied to contribute to the predicted age.


  • Despite the split of the 3D and HD universe, this particular storyline remained unaffected.