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For the myth in other GTA games, see Animals.

Animals are all pets and fauna of a particular region or area in Grand Theft Auto IV.


In Grand Theft Auto IV, the only animals are Flying Rats (pigeons.) The flying rats will not move from their location but will coo and peck at the ground. They act like collectibles. There are 200 flying rats in Liberty City that can be shot, resulting in a puff of feathers and blood. Shooting all 200 Flying Rats unlocks an achievement, an Annihilator on top of a helipad in Star Junction, and is required for 100% completion. In the building next to Playboy penthouse, a picture of a cat can be found.

Episodes from Liberty City

Seagulls once again return in The Lost and Damned and The Ballad of Gay Tony. These seagulls function like Flying Rats. They do not move from their location, and have to be killed to achieve 100% completion. There are 50 seagulls around the city, and can be "collected" by shooting them. In TLAD, collecting all seagulls will unlock an Innovation, both at the player's safehouse and deliverable by Clay. Killing all Seagulls in TBoGT spawns an APC at Yusuf Amir's construction site.

Strange growling noises heard across Liberty City are believed to be made by animals inhabiting the region.