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For the myth in other GTA games, see Animals.

Animals are all pets and fauna of a particular region or area in Grand Theft Auto III.


In Grand Theft Auto III, seagulls can be seen flying overhead, usually around coastal areas. Dead fishes can be seen during the mission Gone Fishing, where Ray Machowski's partner is fishing with grenades, and dead fishes rise to the surface. A sign reading "Bitch'N' Dog Food," can be found in various subway stations.

Guys and Dogs is a musical advertised on the Liberty Tree website that is a parody of the real-life musical Guys and Dolls. Morgan Merryweather describes the feature film as "Man's best friend just got better!" Numerous posters showcasing Rats, a parody of the musical Cats, can be seen at a few subway stations. Players also have theorized them to be a reference to Ratman. There is a radio commercial about a website named Petsovernight.com, which claims to deliver any kind of pet, including kittens, puppies (such as "Pekinese fighting bitches"), giraffes, fish, rhinos, stomach parasites, vermin, whales, sharks, mackerel, sheep, sea lions and manatees. There are rumours of an ambiguous Sasquatch in the wilderness area in Grand Theft Auto III. However, it was proven to be false by lack of evidence.


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