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The Angel Pine Junkyard is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Professionally known as "Angel Pine Junkyard and Auto Parts". It is a scrapyard serving the nearby town of Angel Pine. The Junkyard is located just a few minutes drive north of the town. It appears to have been built into the ground, as the entrance is an incline and the area is surrounded by retaining walls, as it was built at the foot of Mount Chiliad. The area is made up of a coal elevator, some piles of a black mineral, most likely coal, a crane, and three structures resembling hangars or bunkers. There are also minor buildings borrowed from the Junkyard in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, as well as a mobile home residence.

The area has no pedestrian traffic at all and serves little purpose in the game, making players assume that it is abandoned. The player can receive cargo from this area in the Trucking side mission.


The Angel Pine Junkyard soon became a hotbed for myth sightings, especially after the release of a modification in the early 2010s. This mod added an aggressive pedestrian to the area, known as the Junkyard Killer. While this myth is mostly considered as false, there are many players who cite the Desert Eagle and mobile home as evidence for this myth, as they are out of place at a junkyard.

Many Ghost Cars can be found at the Junkyard. A beater Glendale is found near the northeastern hangar in the area. Considering the building's status as a junkyard, and the Ghost Car's shoddy appearance, this may have just been placed here to be turned into scrap.

The Junkyard is located exactly next to the Mount Chiliad Natural Arch and offers a serene view of the area. There are unconfirmed reports of Bigfoot and Piggsy sightings from players who were looking at the cave from below.

A Police Ranger can occasionally be seen driving around the area. Furthermore, it is also a place for Jigsaw Killer.