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Angel Pine is a small country town and a prominent mythical location in Whetstone in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Angel Pine is the only settlement in Whetstone and is the most remote town in San Andreas, with the nearest civilization of San Fierro several in-game hours drive away.

The town is likely the heart of the San Andreas logging industry, with logs from the operations at The Panopticon site thought to be destined for the town’s large Sawmill for processing and shipping. Angel Pine residents live in the shadow of nearby Mount Chiliad which dwarfs the town, sitting sheltered by the thick canvas of Shady Creek’s forest to the east and northeast.

The town is thought to be named for the surrounding forest of pine trees, thought players have theorized the town may also take its name from the Angel on Rock phenomena, however, this seems unlikely as the rock is situated a substantial distance from the town in neighbouring Flint County and may only be the result of a texture glitch. Others believe the town’s name may stem from the Mount Chiliad Angel phenomena.

Several beta Vice City Trash Maps can be found in some trash cans near the local Cluckin’ Bell restaurant, showing unused map versions of San Andreas’ predecessor, GTA Vice City.

Angel Pine Shanty

A dilapidated shack, which players have termed the Angel Pine Shanty, lies unassumingly in open grassland to the southwest of town. Myth hunters believe the shanty to be the habitat of one of the locally reported cryptids, such as Bigfoot or Piggsy. However, no substantial evidence has been found to support this claim.