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The Andromada is a mythical vehicle in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The Andromada is a large four-engine cargo transport airplane based on the Lockheed C-141 Starlifter. Its name is a misspelling of Andromeda, a Greek deity, and constellation.

The only appearances of the Andromada in the game are in the missions Stowaway, where CJ drives a PCJ-600 into the back of the plane, blows it up, and parachutes out of the rear cargo bay, and A Home in the Hills, where it flies over Las Venturas and CJ, along with Triad members, jumps from it over Los Santos. The interior of the airplane is shown in both missions, but the interior is not part of the plane model. It is in the Hidden Interiors Universe, high up in the sky, with clouds moving outside to simulate the plane itself moving.

The Andromada can occasionally be seen flying high in the air, above urban areas of the state.


The Andromada is not meant to be obtained by the player. In fact, the Andromada seems to be an incomplete vehicle that was never finished properly during the designing of the game. This is very clear because the exterior of the airplane is not fully textured. The windows are completely black, and the fuselage is always light gray. There is no door opening or closing animation when the player enters it. CJ simply opens an invisible door and warps inside the plane. Strangely, the airplane does not have a shadow, and walking across its wings and body sounds the same as walking on grass.

The Andromada can be stolen during the mission Stowaway. This trick involves using a phone call to gain movement and quickly destroy the PCJ-600 before the cutscene ends (method highly used by speedrunners, in which player holds calls with TAB/L1 button, known as mission duplication). Using phone calls during the mission allows player to go and start the mission a second time. If the one does it and waits for it to fail, after that, they need to store it in the hangar. This can be done only on PC (not on the Steam version) or PS2.

Ghost Andromada

There is a myth about a Ghost Andromada, which can be seen in the sky. It is related to the Ghost Planes myth, but this one is much weirder because it is stated the aircraft will attack the player without warning. There is no evidence to support these claims, therefore this myth is false.


  • Handling data for the Andromada can be found in GTA IV's game files, suggesting that it was going to be featured in the game.
  • The Andromada can be made indestructible.
  • The Andromada can be colored and have its wheels changed.