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Look! You may vaporize dissidents in Alpha Centauri, but in this precinct, we do things by the book!


Alpha Centauri is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Alpha Centauri is technically the star system closest to the Solar System, and a location mentioned in GTA Vice City. Alpha Centauri is the home of Captain and Googan from the television show Yuppie and the Alien. During the show, Captain discusses vaporizing dissidents in Alpha Centauri, comparing it to the slow police procedure he has to follow on Earth. It's likely that Googan and Captain might've traveled from the star system to achieve their task in a comic sense.

Moreover, despite this importance in television show, players believe that the star system could be sighted in the game as well. Some players myth hunt for the star system in the game and conclude that the Rockstar constellation might be the key to Alpha Centauri, but all this effort goes in vain, as technical files disapprove of any such star system or textures in the game.