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Alley House is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Alley House is a particular house in the Alleys along the Ocean Beach Driveway. An unique feature includes a manhole situated right in front of the Alley House. This standard circular manhole is one of the two manholes in the Vice Beach region. The other manhole is situated in an alley adjacent to the Alley House, of same shape and size. This Alley House shares the same texture and design of the House No. 252 in the Funeraria Romero Cemetery, and due to the manhole, it has been theorized that the resident of the Alley House sneaks off to Little Haiti effectuating both the manholes. It has been further speculated that the resident may be structuring his web in the city and this could be the feasible reason for his inexplicable behavior. The tale of Carmen Winstead was also connected to the manhole itself.


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