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Alien Tract, also known as the Monkey Graffiti, is a mysterious tract and proven myth in Grand Theft Auto IV and Grand Theft Auto V. The Alien Tract is supposedly an undecipherable graffiti capable of saving mankind from the Apocalypse.


Alien Tract was first mentioned by Steve Henderson, he mentions that Europeans discovered the Easter Island in 1722, there they found the Monkey Graffiti. Apparently, The government says that this Graffiti is still undecipherable, but in fact it contents a series of records left behind by the Aliens and contains a prophecy of man's self-destruction trough global warming, instructions for advanced space travel, setting up a wireless network, and the date on which the Aliens will arise once more to take control of our planet. Surprisingly, there is a video game in GTA San Andreas named Space Monkey. Certain strange graffiti work can also be found in Liberty City.

Beam Me Up

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Strange Alien Graffiti can also be found at Beam Me Up, it's possible that the Graffiti is infact the Monkey Graffiti, as Aliens in the Graffiti do seem to be acting like Monkeys. Furthermore, phrases like Save Us can also be seen, it could be a hint to Marvin Trill's and Steve Henderson's confession of an apocalyptic threat.

Similar murals can be noticed, just south east of the Alamo Sea, next to the railway line bend approaching Sandy Shores (east) and Cassidy Creek (north.) Repeated patterns of dancing Aliens, with "HAPPINESS," "LIFE," "KARMA" and "PLEASURE" written around the gas towers. These words may lead to something related to the mentioned apocalypse.

Epsilon Program

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The Monkey Graffiti does contain instructions about advanced technology and undisclosed universal facts. Cris Formage mentions in one of the commercials that All you have to do is read and understand the Epsilon Tract, and the secrets of the universe will be open to you. Billy Dexter also mentions that Then, I will explain the secrets of the Universe to everyone!. It is further mentioned in the Kifflom teaser, Although the TRACT has not yet been written, it can still be read by those that are willing to read it. Maccer also speaks about the Tract in his teaser of the Gurning Chimps. The tract apparently, can explain all the secrets of the Universe to us, so it must contain a lot of writings about advanced technologies, as the Monkey Graffiti. The Tract could be based on the Monkey Graffiti. Epsilonists could have a translation of it. The tract was also exposed to Jezz Torrent, Maccer and a few more for rehabilitation.