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The Alien Enthusiasts' House is a small residential building and a mythical location located east of the Redwood Lights Track. It appears to be the Grand Theft Auto V equivalent to the Lil' Probe Inn featured in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


The house is a gathering place for a group of actual alien enthusiasts (as opposed to the hippies camping around Beam Me Up.) When listening to their conversations, they can be heard debating and discussing their experiences and theories on extraterrestrial life and activity in depth.[citation needed] Some of the topics covered in their discussions include rock formations on planet surfaces, abductions, and UFO sightings.[citation needed] During the day, there is usually at least one enthusiast using a pair of binoculars to observe the sky. It is assumed that they use the nearby radio tower in an attempt to contact aliens. A large banner hung between two poles in the backyard of the house reading Welcome, in green font alongside the illustration of an alien's face, is found on-site. A Bravado Bison usually spawns in front of the house.

Video Investigation[]


GTA 5 Myths & Legends (60fps) Aliens Part 1 (Alien Enthusiasts House)