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Albino Creature is a false myth in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


Years after the release of the game, players started reporting a strange albino creature in the depths of the ocean with one coincidental similarity in all the sightings. The creature was always sighted near the stacks. According to players, this creature escapes with furious speed if the player advances forward into an abode inside the stacks, namely Sea Caves. For this reason, players explored the sea caves in an attempt to find the creature, but this effort was all futile.

After all the failed attempts to find the creature, a technical explanation dropped a bombshell on the myth. It was found out that all these sightings were reported in foggy weather. The spikes of the stack in foggy weather form different shapes, similar to the head and tail of the creature, ultimately resulting in a sighting. If the player advances forward, the spikes disappear due to the draw distance of the game, thus culminating the myth.

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