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Al Capone is a mythical character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City. Al Capone was the most vicious, ruthless, deadliest, and dangerous crime figure in the world during his era and regime.


The paramount criminal importance of Al Capone, has led Rockstar to include a large amount of substance references in relation to the mobster. Alphonse Capone, "Scarface," built his criminal empire in Chicago and Cicero, Ill., in the 1920's. He moved, with his wife Mae and son Albert, "Sonny," to 93 Palm Avenue (built by brewer Clarence Busch), Miami, Florida, in 1928. (Unlike Sonny Forelli, Sonny Capone didn't choose a life of crime.)


In GTA III, there is a liquor store in Red Light District named "Big Als Liquor", Big Al was one of the names for Al Capone, and Al Capone was a famous gangster in the Prohibition Era, in which selling and distributing liquor was illegal.

GTA Vice City

FBI Ranchers appear when the player reaches five stars, in each SUV there are four FBI agents who will try to shoot him with MPs and bust him. Tommy can get a five star wanted level after Guardian Angels. he forerunner of the FBI was a group of Special Agents called the Bureau of Investigation (BOI) created on July 26, 1908, for the Dept. of Justice andheaded by Attorney General Charles Bonaparte. It's had a vast history of accomplishments in combating crime. Under director J. Edgar Hoover, it had Al Capone investigated beginning in 1929, and gathered evidence of his Chicago racketeering, bribing of prison officials, determined the falsehood of his claim to post- pone an appearance before the Federal Grand Jury due to poor health, etc. It became known as the Federal Bureau of Investigation in 1935.

Players have indirectly included the Scarface easter egg, keeping in view the large amount of objects related to it; Robert De Niro starred for "Scarface," 1983, director Brian De Palma in "The Untouchables," 1987, in which he played Al Capone, Kevin Costner played Eliot Ness, and Sean Connery played Jim Malone. Tommy's mansion also looks somewhat similar to Capone's in the movie. Some of Robert's earliest movie roles--as Jon Rubin in "Greetings," 1968, as Cecil (as Robert Denero) in "The Wedding Party", hence the timeline related to De Niro including his movie character, succeeding movies and other objects are said to be related to the original Al Capone, however this maybe too vague to conclude.

Capone also had a mansion in Miami, whom Vice City is based on. The structure of the houses on starfish island is conception-ally identical to Capone's house

However, despite the large amount of references and indications, the myth is termed as unlikely due to the absence of Al Capone as a physically existing character.


There is a furniture shop named "Al's Furniture" The store could be a parody of Al Capone, who was in fact the owner of a furniture store and used it as a smokescreen for his illegal activities.


A DLC for GTA Online named St. Valentine's Day Massacre features multiple references, firstly the name and overall theme of the DLC is a reference to the Saint Valentine's Day Massacre on February 14, 1929, led by late gangster Al Capone, a car by the name of Albany Roosevelt is named after the president Franklin D. Roosevelt, who helped to minimize gang activity in the early 1930s and is speculated to have used Al Capone's custom Cadillac (on which the in-game vehicle is inspired on). However there are no references pictures or easter eggs in the original game.

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