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For the myth in other GTA games, see Deadly Drivers

The Aggressive Driver, also known as the Sentinel XS Driver or in-game as the Joyrider, is the subject of a myth in Grand Theft Auto V's online gamemode, Grand Theft Auto Online.


While playing in Grand Theft Auto Online, players may encounter an NPC driving a Sentinel XS very erratically and at a high speed. The driver of the vehicle is almost always a man. As their name implies, they will not hesitate to run over the player or damage their car. If confronted, the driver will engage in combat with the player and may even pull out a weapon, usually a pistol. If the player accidentally bumps into the aggressive driver's car, then the driver will begin chasing the player down and attempting to run the player's car off the road. The driver's pedestrian model is random, but their behavior will always be the same.

The driver will almost always spawn driving a black Sentinel XS. However, the driver has been reported to drive other vehicles, such as the Patriot, Tailgater and Oracle, albeit less frequently than the Sentinel XS. The aggressive driver's car will always be black.

While initially presumed to be a vehicle AI glitch, players within the GTA Community have more recently began to theorize that this is an Easter egg left in the game by Rockstar, however, the studio has not released any comments about whether or not the driver is the result of a glitch, or if it was intended.

In essence, the vehicle can be seen driving without due care, often braking and accelerating instantaneously, and, when stopped, aggressively revving the engine and seemingly attempting to run down the player, or anyone else for that matter.


The aggressive driver has been reported to spawn all around the State, but more commonly around Downtown Los Santos. While the chances of him spawning are at random, he has been reported to spawn more frequently on uncrowded servers (servers under 5 players), or on Solo on Invite-Only sessions.