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Adam First is the renowned character and co-host of the Vice City's radio station, Wave 103. First, despite being a radio personality, he is well involved in the conspiracy theory nexus spearheaded by Marvin Trill. Adam first appears in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and makes a mythical comeback as a radio guest in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


In 1992, Adam made a call to Marvin Trill, the host of Area 53, a radio show discussing conspiracies taking place in San Andreas. During his conversation, Adam First reveals that while gliding around Bone County, he sighted a strange man performing an unknown and peculiar ritual with a Domestobot.

After the call, Marvin brushes aside the possibility of it being authentic and taunts Adam First of engaging in something more obstructive, as he describes it to be just more of a prank call. Marvin tries his hardest to discredit the call because, more than likely, the man behind the Domestobot ritual was Marvin Trill himself, at his trailer in the desert.

Myth hunters, however, share an entirely different opinion. According to them, First's experience is factual and is indicts Marvin Trill himself in the conspiracy theory nexus regarding Domestobots and other such activities.

Backing their claim, myth hunters put forward the event, when Manuel shared similar opinions in Vice City, along with the fact that both Manuel and Adam First have worked on the same radio platform in Vice City, despite having different show genres.

Despite all these efforts, later demonstrations revealed that Adam First was actually taking a dig at Marvin Trill for acting weird around the trailer park. This is possible and moreover explains Trill's agitation over the call. However, myth hunters further pave their way in by discussing the possibility of Adam First knowing about the exact location of Marvin Trill's compound trailers. Skeptics believe that Adam First probably knew about the location from Trill's radio description and didn't actually sight it himself. This discussion has left a lot of users in pandemonium.