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The Abyssal Ocean is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Abyssal Ocean is supposedly situated off the East Coast. A specific group of retro myth hunters and fan-fiction writers have forewarned about the plausibility of certain land existence. However, these claims are mere apocryphal statements and sightings.

The ocean is defined to be an abode for mythical sea monsters, specifically extinct PlesiosaursGodzilla, and the Kraken. Familiar to the bygone sailor sightings, players have chronicled their own experience. Reports have been unfolded regarding the aggressive nature of these creatures, as notified by players, proclaiming to have sailed in the region.

However, flying far away to the ocean and reaching the game limitations, turns the ocean into a black void, resembling an abyssal ocean and approaching it further crashes the game.


The East Coast is a hot spot to sight the Ghost Ships. Players have theorized that the Abyssal Ocean features actual models of these spectral ships and stated to describe their origin and that these ships are the lost fortune of sailors, whose life came to an end while encountering these deadly monsters. In spite of a large stack of bizarre statements and sightings, the subject lacks any sort of authentic documentation or demonstration. However, this myth remains as one of the pivotal subjects among the retro myth community.