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For the myth in GTA III, see Abandoned Vehicle (GTA III).

The Abandoned Vehicle is a proven myth in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Near the Easter Tunnel, a vehicle can be seen that is parked in front of a tree. Vehicles that are parked here are actually strange, because they have no possible purpose in the game and they don't have any broken parts. Obviously, they are not parked there to help the player while on foot, since the road is just nearby where driveable vehicles can be found. It does not share a beater model like other Ghost Cars in the region.

Possible Explanation

Technically, the cars are programmed to spawn at certain locations according to specific timings. Any vehicle can spawn at this location, even the ones that are never seen in countryside. For example, a BF-400. The area is technically part of San Fierro, so this may not be surprising. The locations only serve as random spawn points and any land-based vehicles can spawn there.

Another theory that the developers have place these cars for the players "borrow" them in the case they lose their vehicles.

Sometimes, after the player has taken the vehicle, another vehicle may spawn almost immediately.

Video Investigation

GTA SA Myths Abandoned vehicle

GTA SA Myths Abandoned vehicle



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