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For the location in GTA San Andreas, see Abandoned Sawmill (GTA San Andreas).

The Abandoned Sawmill is a mythical location in Grand Theft Auto V.


The abandoned sawmill, officially known as the Paleto Forest Sawmill, is located in the Paleto Forest. The sawmill has been abandoned by the workers, meaning it is now littered with unused lumber. During the day, weed is manufactured by the Ballas gang. During the night, it is sold in deals.

The sawmill appears quite derelict as it is covered in rust. It is clear that the conveyor belts located around the mill have not worked for quite some time. The sawmill is closing doors in the end of 2017.


The eerie appearance of the sawmill has made players believe that it may be haunted by ghosts of people murdered in the area. During the mission "Lamar Down", the protagonists rescue Lamar from the Ballas, whom have taken over the mill to be used as a front for growing and distributing marijuana. During the course of the mission, many Ballas members are killed. Eerie sounds can be heard at the mill after the mission despite no signs of activity anywhere, leading to people believing that the ghosts of the dead Ballas continue to haunt the area. There were also many reported sightings of Slenderman during the early days of GTA V myth hunting.


The sawmill is one of the possible locations the player can find the fake Bigfoot during the secret side mission The Last One.