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Abandoned Private Property is an obscure mythical location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.


The Abandoned Private Property is the name of an abandoned private building on Prawn Island, that reads "PRIVATE PROPERTY" on its store board. Strangely, another storefront on it reveals that the building once sold wines and liquors in the district, but the huge property got abandoned on certain and unspecified grounds, giving roam to myth hunters to ponder over the supernatural.

Strange observations have been discovered, related to a damaged door that can only be seen in the internal files of the property, but not visible during gameplay, leading players to believe in the fact that the building is haunted or was once broken into. However, this building in general remains a Prawn Island mystery yet to be solved. Jeff the Killer rumors were also faked in the same alleyway between the Abandoned Spanish Cafe and the building in the Prawn Island Alleyway.